A Prayer for Blended Families at Christmas

This is the society that we live in, and we have to find a way to unite in prayer for each other, especially at Christmastime. All families are challenged to maintain an unrealistic amount of patience with difficult family members at Christmastime, but the power of prayer can cut through any awkward situation. No matter how blended we may be, God hears us, He loves us, and embraces us!


Why Christmas is Even Better than You Think

Christmas can make us feel like we’re crazy. We abide in an ever-increasing “PC” society that refuses to give the holiday’s namesake it’s greeting. Commercialism threatens to cheapen the man that raised people from the dead and healed them miraculously. Disheartenment can drown out our holiday cheer, leaving us to feel like the kid in Home Alone …”is this a joke?”


A Prayer for Those Spending Christmas without Their Kids

Christmas can be joyful no matter our circumstances, because of the hope Jesus brought down from Heaven with His birth. Those of us blessed with the witness of parenthood forever share a piece of our souls, and it seems insurmountable to fill the void when those little lives that once clung to us in safety are replaced with somber quiet.

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The Wreath (#jammed daily devo, day 359)

December #jammed: Grace, gifted. Day 359, Merry Christmas! " And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born." Luke 2:6 Merry Christmas, readers! On this morning, how can we not reflect upon the beautiful baby Jesus? For, as today's verse celebrates, "the time came for her baby to be born." The time… Continue reading The Wreath (#jammed daily devo, day 359)


10 Steps to Survive Holiday Family Drama

When the holiday dinner scene freezes, as our ears digest reaction-inducing chatter intended to hurl us into a fury, everything in us wants to give in and let the lid off. Sometimes, even our efforts to back peacefully away from conflict end in a confrontational chase for answers. From new offenses to old skirmishes, reuniting with family over the holidays can be full of drama.