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The Change List (#jammed daily devo day 20)

January #jammed : Grace in Life's Face Day 20: Growth is Good.  "Fashion a lamp stand out of pure, hammered gold. Make it and all it's parts- it's base, trunk, branches, decorative buds and blossoms, and lamp cups- out of one solid piece." Exodus 25:31 God's people had to obey a multitude of rules, guidelines, instructions,… Continue reading The Change List (#jammed daily devo day 20)

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The Assembled.

Grace A virtue coming from God. Merriam-Webster  "Girls, - one at a time," I pleaded while the dog darted from the room with a box corner in tow. (Anything remotely paper-like's ridiculous.) "DDDAAAADDDDD!!!!!! POCKET KNIFE!!!!" my youngest demanded. (Everything must be sprung free from all restrictive packaging immediately.) "Lauren," her big sis noted, "you just… Continue reading The Assembled.