“Dancing in No Man’s Land,” by Brian Jennings, Book Review

“Dancing in No Man’s Land,” by Brian Jennings, is a high-five to all those frustrated with the palpable conflict we wade through in modern society. Jennings not only creates clear, Biblical, and educated awareness of where conflict arises from in our lives, but also provides practical solutions to apply as we learn to handle it better.

“To follow Jesus is to let love replace hate.” -Brian Jennings, “Dancing in No Man’s Land.”

In the book, Jennings dubs the space between two sides of all types of conflict ‘bunkers,’ explaining how we navigate the tricky existence of not picking sides. This book has better equipped me, personally, to navigate the difficult waters of reconciliation in an effort to strive for peace.

The author’s notes on friendship particularly resonated with me. He says, “It hurts to be harshly criticized by a distant friend or a complete stranger, but you probably won’t lose any sleep at night. However, the harsh criticism of a spouse or close friend may wound you for nights, weeks, or years.” The Biblical principles in this book helped me personally put a few pieces into place that I needed to process hurts like these through the proper perspective of our loving God.

The questions at the end of each chapter are thought provoking and a little gut-checking. My heart was convicted to make a few changes that will help me navigate relationships better in the future. One of the biggest challenges in relationship rolls in with political discussion. Jennings dedicated a chapter to breaking down the Biblical way to respond and walk through these conversations. Let’s be real …it’s hard to even admit we have a side in fear we’ll be snap-judged or written off! The author quotes Andy Stanley, “Make a difference, not a point. Never sacrifice influence for the sake of making a political point.”

I highly recommend this book to all people. Very few of us like conflict, but how many of us are properly equipped to assertively respond? We don’t have to become doormats to keep the peace, and strive for love. And we have to keep striving to love. Jesus commands we put it above all else.

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(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)


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