“A Life of Lovely,” Annie F. Downs, Book Review.

“A Life of Lovely,” by Annie F. Downs

“My ability to feel the depths of something good was strengthened by my choice to feel the depths of pain.” Annie Downs, “A Life of Lovely” 

Reading this book was like talking to a friend. Annie has a beautiful way of meeting her readers where they are at, as she touches on many relevant issues in their lives. 

Throughout the pages, she teaches us how to collect and mark moments of “lovely” in our walk through life. Her faith and gift to encourage others through relatable everyday moments is charming and inspirational. 

A little older than the audience she wrote the book for, I caught myself looking back upon transitional times in my life in a new light. This will be a book I hand to my daughter when she starts to experience the joy and fear of life changing and shifting underneath her feet as she walks out into the big beautiful world. 

This book is an easy, feel-good read that will challenge it’s readers to dig into the moments they normally pass by, and into Scripture for more of God’s Truth. “A Life of Lovely” is a collection of sweet stories sharing common ground in the author’s life. Stories many will respond with a “me too, Annie.’ 

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to place their feet on firm ground, choosing to trust God and see the good. It will cause an appreciation in the talents, places, and people God has blessed every life with. 

“I think confessing to God when it seems hard or scary or painful, confessing what you want to do by what feels too challenging- it’s what helps you keep building. It’s what helps you see Him in the people you meet and in the moments when you have to let them leave.” Annie Downs, “A Life of Lovely.”

Click here to purchase a copy of “A Life of Lovely,” by Annie F. Downs.

 (I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)


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