“Priceless,” by Jen Barrick, Book Review

“Priceless,” by Jen Barrick

“When I feel afraid, I’m fearless because God is with me.” -Jen Barrick, “Priceless.”

A wonderful devotional through the Book of Psalms, Jen Barrick infuses her inspirational story and the lessons from it into this book. It’s an interactive journey and journal for teens, helping to sort through the myriad of feelings they have.

Each day of the devotional, there is a practical approach to a certain way all teens feel. Jen faithfully walks readers through each feeling, providing practical and godly solutions to learn how to embrace and guide them. 

The prayers throughout the book provide an excellent example, in themselves, of how to handle emotions and feelings. Jen’s strong faith is evident in each day she meets with her readers.

I like the quick and efficient way each day is laid out. Each message is to the point and very thoughtfully laid out, leaving readers feeling inspired and equipped. This devotional will be a very important stepping stone for many teens and the maturity of their faith. 

“When I feel betrayed …I’m giving my burdens to God.” -Jen Barrick, “Priceless.”


(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)


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