“Sick of Me,” by Whitney Capps, Book Review

Sick of Me, by Whitney Capps

“When we willingly crash through the restraints of God’s protection, we put our lives in peril. When we submit to God’s law, we show that we are a people set apart for the sake of God’s glory.” -Whitney Capps, “Sick of Me.”

I could not wait to get my hands on this book, having ready Whitney Capps’ daily devotions in the First5 App for many years now. She was already one of my favorite authors. What could be a lot of pressure for an author to live up to simply confirmed her God-given gift to minister right into the hearts of the everyday woman.

Through her honesty, and knowledge of God’s Word, Capps humbly delivers an important message put on her heart. In a society that calls us to wave our flag of individuality high and unashamed, the concept of transparency is easily confused. “Sick of Me” diligently does the job of deciphering transparency and transformation. 

This book met me in a search for what the Bible says about authenticity, and answered it boldly with the Truth of the Word. I appreciate the author’s humor and everyday struggles, but respect her obedience to pursue the Truth and deliver it to those whose hearts need the encouragement. 

The message of this book is not a popular societal anthem. It will not resonate with everyone, but for those whose this book meets head on where they are searching, it will pivot something crucial in their faith. 

I quickly devoured the content of this book in mere days. It’s well organized and beautifully written. A good mix of everyday life and Biblical Truth …cemented with the love God has for all of us. “Sick of Me,” is a challenge and a call to action. It’s stark truth stands out from many other messages of the same grain. I believe this message will equip many to live truly radical lives of faith.

“To live counter to the culture rarely feels good. These notions were radical then and now. To read and understand what Jesus asks of us is entirely different than actually doing it. But this is the radical part of radical living- doing what Jesus calls us to do, not guys thinking about it.” -Whitney Capps, “Sick of Me.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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