“Difference Makers,” by Gregg Matte

“When the rain falls, the church rises.” Gregg Matte, “Difference Makers.”

Some books grip the reader from the start. This is one of those books. We live in an era where social media has afforded many a pulpit to preach from and all of our messages are aired out and scrolled though in the palm of everyone’s hand. This book is an important reminder for God’s church to get up and go. We’re not all called to travel the world, but we can all be difference makers in the places God has put us …purposefully. “We have to have courage,” Matte writes, “Courage isn’t the absence of fear; it’s the absence of self.” 

The book is broken up into eleven quick-read chapters with riveting stories and inspiring lessons in each one. Matte often references the impact Hurricane Harvey had on his community. Truly a marking experience for all who have weathered such a storm. He also does a fantastic job at alerting us to our unique purpose and place in this life. The average person often doubts they can make a difference, but in Christ, no one is any greater than the other. The powerful truth is that we are all staged to make an impact whether or not we’ve been given a stage or a platform. 

I highly recommend this book. It will challenge all who read it to ignite the inner difference maker and go out into their piece of the world ready to answer the call of the Gospel. 

“God’s calling us to do something far more difficult than obnoxiously picket, parade, and shout at people with blow horns. He’s calling us to love well and reach out.”  Gregg Matte, “Difference Makers.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase a copy of “Difference Makers.”


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