“The Next Right Thing,” by Emily Freeman

“We make better decisions by making decisions, not by thinking about making decisions.” Emily P. Freeman, “The Next Right Thing.”

This book will cause readers to fall in love with author, and the position from which she meets readers to encourage us all as we swim though the ever-nagging doubt of each day’s decisions. From beginning to end, Freeman’s passion to help us break chains of indecision shine through her spectacular way of talking to her readers. Her prose feels like talking to a friend on a breezy summer day at the beach, in full confidentiality with a life-long friend. She is easy to relate to and kind with her convictions. “God is less interested in where we end up,” Freeman writes, “than he is in who we are becoming.”

Though the book is lengthy, with 24 chapters and closing in on 250 pages, it is an easy read that flows gracefully from chapter to chapter. Each starts with a quote that is more than just inspirational, but rather gut-checking, and ends with two sections to help us remember the lessons at hand: “A Prayer,” and “A Practice.” Praying specifically is very powerful, and putting what we absorb into immediate practice cements the shifted perspective readers gain from these pages. 

I highly recommend this book to those who struggle with making decisions, carry regret from ones previously made, or fear what they cannot see in the future. “Our choices shape our lives,” Freeman writes, “and they shape us. But we remain in God’s hand no matter what.” 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase a copy of “The Next Right Thing.”


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