“Finding Beautiful,” by Rebecca Friedlander

“If we could catch one glimpse of how amazing we are in His eyes, we would never struggle with self-confidence again.” Rebecca Friedlander, “Finding Beautiful”

“Finding Beautiful” is a wonderful trek through twelve different lives, strung together by one common truth: the beauty of Christ’s love. Friedlander’s creativity is impressive and inspiring. The lesson for her reader’s is to embrace who they are in Christ, and each story highlights a specific characteristic of what makes every person beautiful. Readers will be inspired by Friedlander’s obedience and courage to use the gifts God has given her to follow Him one faithful step at a time. 

Each chapter of this book begins with a woman’s story. The twelve women she chose to spotlight each carry a heavy story attached to a powerful lesson of God’s love. With each account the author gives readers a sneak peak into the before and after photo shoots, part of the documentary which inspired this book. Friedlander then adds her story, followed by “God’s Story,” a section highlighting a passage(s) of Scripture. The “True Beauty Tip” at the end of each chapter challenges us to look at beauty from a greater perspective …that of our Creator. “Questions for Reflection” finish each of the twelve accounts, challenging readers to apply the stories of the women, the author, and Scripture to their own lives and current soul states. 

I highly recommend this book. Personally, its easy for me to get caught up in the challenges of my everyday life, which sometimes attempt to stomp out opportunities to follow God into uncharted waters and to the fulfillment of big dreams and plans He has for my life. These pages were a loving reminder to let go of my task list and expectations, and let Him work through my life. To simply be who He has made us to be, content in the beauty He’s blessed each life with, is a wonderful gift. 

“Even in the midst of chaos beyond our control, Christ calmly stands in the middle of the waves, unmoved by the drama.” Rebecca Friedlander, “Finding Beautiful”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase a copy of “Finding Beautiful.”


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