A Parent’s Prayer for Safety at School

Locked doors and lock-down drills bring fresh emotions to the surface during parent-teacher conferences and morning drop-off lines. The realistic worries of a modern parent are the stuff of fictional horror stories. How do we get past the lump in our throats as we say goodbye for the day? Focused prayer allows us to cope with the broad band of threats to our children’s safety without smothering their ability to be a productive part of society. 

1. Pray against physical harm. 

“Always pray and never give up.” (Luke 18:1

Make a daily habit out of praying for their physical protection from cuts, bruises, fist-fights, bike crashes, abduction, abuse, and addiction. The reality of child trafficking should make every parent overly-cautious. The fact that cough meds have to be purchased with an ID is a red flag to parents to be aware. The rampant problem with bullying in this country proves abuse is just as prevalent outside the home. 

2. Pray that school fulfills its purpose – giving your child an education. 

“Learn them.” (Duet. 5:1) 

The most powerful way to pray is by quoting God’s Word, and I believe it’s important to memorize Scripture for that purpose and beyond. In a transcendent way, this verse also illuminates the importance God places on learning. He created a world to discover and knowledge to be attained. Classrooms can be packed and distracting, making it hard for students to focus and teachers to teach. Mandated testing doesn’t always align with a child’s actual capacity of knowledge. 

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