“Breathe Again,” Niki Hardy

“What if we stopped waiting to feel grateful and were grateful anyway, believing God is good and has more for us?” Niki Hardy, “Breathe Again”

“Breathe Again” is an inspiring look into Hardy’s victory over cancer, and the way it allowed her to grow closer to God and mature in her faith. This book takes intentional moments to meet readers where they are at in their lives, cancer or not, and grow great faith. “Choosing brave is the challenging route to a full life,” writes Hardy, “not the easier path to a less-than life.”

“Breathe Again,” is a book that will both cheer readers on and challenge them to grow in their faith. The personal stories Hardy shares flow easily in an out of the Biblical stories and truths she weaves into the text. It’s a refreshing read of someone who clearly relied on God to get her through a tough time, and is passing on the love.

The book is divided into three main sections, “Finding Solid Ground,” “Learning to Breathe Again,” and “Keep Calm and Breathe On.” In the last section, Hardy provides real-time resources for readers to carry the lessons watered throughout the book to blossom into their daily lives. The book could be a quick read, but the follow up application throughout the book begs the reader to pause and work through the material, connecting it to their personal lives and current state. I particularly appreciated the prayers at the end of each major soul-search. They tied the truth of Scripture into the message and provided and encouraging way to connect more personally to Jesus.

I appreciate Niki’s bravery in sharing her journey with cancer. It takes guts to be able to look back and find things to laugh about after coming through a cancer surviving journey. She will inspire many, as her words come from an authentic heart seeking to love others for Christ. “You are stronger than you can ever imagine,” Hardy encourages her readers, “You are, friend. You are strong.”

(I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase a copy of “Breathe Again.”


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