“Confronting Old Testament Controversies,” by Tremper Longman III

This book tackles “pressing questions about evolution, sexuality, history, and violence.” With a section of the book dedicated to each topic, Longman breaks down the Biblical application of each these societally sensitive issues. 

I personally forced myself out of my comfort zone in reading this book, seeking to understand the Bible on a deeper level, yet practically applied to my everyday life. The more I study the Old Testament, I am inspired and encouraged at how it flows right into New Testament living. It takes a little Scriptural excavating, for which I appreciate teachers like Longman, who are willing invest time in unfolding the treasure to be found in the Old Testament. A retired teacher, this work “intends to help Christians appreciate the continuing relevance of the Old Testament in light of the current controversies over it’s teaching.”

At the preface of each issue, Longman poses intriguing and thought provoking questions: “Are the Bible and science in conflict,” “Did the exodus and conquest happen, and does it matter,” Does God kill,” and “Is homosexual practice affirmed?” Digging into Scripture to find the scholarly answers to these questions will not hold everyone’s attention. Yet, we are encouraged to ask hard questions of God. This book gives everyone a way to peer into the depth of the Bible for the answers they are seeking. The resources in the back of the book give readers who would like to keep digging the opportunity to do so. 

I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about the Bible. 

“At the heart of these controversies is the nature of the Bible and, related to this, the interpretive approach we adopt to read the Bible.” Tremper Longman III “Confronting Old Testament Controversies.”

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

Click here to purchase a copy of “Confronting Old Testament Controversies.”


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