“A Redesigned Life,” by Tracy Steel

“A Redesigned Life,” by Tracy Steel, claims to “uncover God’s purpose when life doesn’t go as planned.” A topic many Christians struggle with, Steel does a great job encouraging readers to recognize who and Whose they are. “God uses patterns of different types in our lives,” Steel writes, “His patterns are meant to catch our attention, teach us, and help us remember who he is and what he desires for our lives. This is by design.” 

“A Redesigned Life,” consists of twelve chapters packed with unique elements to engage readers. Blanketed under six main sections, “Movement,” “Emphasis,” “Pattern,” “Contrast,” “Balance,” and “Space,” that are aesthetically written in script across two pages to signal the change in tone. Each main section ends with “Muse Minutes,” a chance for readers to engage and connect with the material. A “Design Tip” follows each “Muse Minutes,” with an peek into Steels expertise as a former interior designer. 

“Our jobs, our possessions, our friends and families are all on loan from God and are parts of our redesigned life.” Tracy Steel, “A Redesigned Life.”

I recommend this book to readers looking for little something more connected in appearance of their home and life in tandem to the inner workings of their soul. I love authors who strive to help readers attain a healthy balance in life, and this book does that beautifully. 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase your copy of “A Redesigned Life.”


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