“Nice,” by Sharon Hodde Miller

“Nice,” by Sharon Hodde Miller, answers the question “why we love to be liked and how God calls us to more.” It’s a convicting and soul-stripping book that will challenge us to leave our comfortable faith behind and develop a more radically authentic understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. 

“When it comes to our friends, we are more prone to circle the wagons than earnestly search for truth.” Sharon Hodde-Miller, “Nice.”

The first seven chapters begin with an adjective, a negative connotation for the facade being “nice” can be: fake, rotten, bland, bitter, hard and processed. Chapter eight cuts right to the heart of how to “Cultivate a Better Tree,” and the remaining chapters feature an adjective in the title describing positive growth: original, deep, less, and wild. The book culminates with Chapter Thirteen, “The Fruit that Lasts,” in which Hodde-Miller writes, “This nice Christianity is not where we came from and it is not who we are called to be.” 

I appreciate the author’s authenticity, and boldness to speak the truth. Many Scriptures are referenced in order to lead the reader into the kind of faith Christ modeled for us. I personally agree with that many of us have fallen into “nice” faith. We are called to live life to the full …not just to be “nice.” I highly recommend this book. It’s written in brilliant layers with the utmost though and consideration for the Gospel truth. The illustrations and stories supported the overarching theme. Readers will appreciate the honest and straightforward tone of this book. 

“The rise of fake courage is part of the reason we are experiencing a shortage of the real thing.” Sharon Hodde Miller, “Nice.” 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase your copy of “Nice.


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