“Take Back Your Time,” by Morgan Tyree

“Take Back Your Time,” by Morgan Tyree, promises to “identify your priorities, decrease stress, and increase productivity.” In nine, quick to read chapters, Tyree helps to sift the most manic of schedules into seasons of organized chaos. Encouraging readers to embrace the season they are, she provides easily attainable, everyday life disciplines to organize life to enjoy it, not to become stressed out about organizing life!

There is Scripture weaved throughout the book, but it is not Bible study heavy. The inspirational quotes at the beginning of each chapter set a nice tone. From categorizing our clutter to breaking our time into zones, Tyree’s book is hands on and sensible. Sometimes, books on this topic can cause further confusion. This one doesn’t. It comes alongside readers, meeting them in the crazy of every day life. 

“Self-care is a fundamental need we often overlook, which then leads to burnout,” Tyree explains in Chapter Six, “If you want to become a more productive person, you must become comfortable wearing your Nurturing Lady hat.” I particularly like the balanced lifestyle Tyree illustrates. Jesus let a life of balance, and we are to follow His lead. 

I recommend this book to those going through busy seasons of life, in which the enjoyability of it can be lost in disorganization, causing us to be anxious and overloaded. “Goals should be self-serving and others-serving. This is where the true blessing of achieving your goals will be recognized.” Morgan Tyree, “Take Back Your Time.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase your copy of “Take Back Your Time.”


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