“The Long Walk Home. Discovering the Fullness of Life in the Love of the Father,” by Matt Carter

Is following Jesus worth it? A main theme of this book, readers will be challenged to analyze their understanding of God’s love. “Yes, people are literally dying of despair,” Carter writes, “Why? Because they are looking for happiness in people, places, and things that simply can’t produce it.” Carter takes great care in defining and clarifying God’s love. Biblically grounded in Scripture and blended with life experience, this book is extremely relatable and encouraging. 

There’s no questioning the raising state of despair, anxiety and depression in our modern culture. Readers who remain open to the truth presented in the pages of this book will be able to take a step forward, or help someone in their life to cross into, peace and hope. The goal is to know we are all loved as we are …right now.  “The promises of God are crystal clear; your sin is not more powerful than the love He has for you as His child,” Carter illuminates, “He’ll never give up on you. No matter what.” 

The cost of following Christ isn’t easy …but it is worth it. That is what “The Long Walk Home” illuminates. It’s worth it. Christ is worth it. There is nothing greater or more soul filling and life fulfilling than God’s love. “The story of my life is the story of His love,” Carter reflects, “And as often as I forget, He is always faithful to remind me.” 

I highly recommend this book. In eight quick chapters, readers who are new to Christianity, as well as those who are well-seasoned, will walk away better equipped and pleasantly encouraged. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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