“The Pursuit of Excellence,” by George Sweeting.

“Do you love Jesus Christ enough to deny your natural tendencies and achieve excellence? The choices of your life record your love for Him.” George Sweeting, “The Pursuit of Excellence.”

“The Pursuit of Excellence,” by George Sweeting, is remarkably written and inspired. Sweeting, sixth president and chancellor of Moody Bible Institute, writes confidently of what it takes to fully follow Christ. His educational background, coupled with his life’s ministry, give his words credibility. 

The book is broken up into fourteen chapters. Though the book is not extremely lengthy, there were many points at which I stopped to pick up my highlighter and restart a paragraph or section. 

The first chapter introduces the premise of the book, exploring nine specific attributes necessary to attain excellence in faith. Chapters two through ten each address one of these hallmark traits: faith, character, action, single-mindedness, love, suffering, prayer, wisdom, and staying power. Sweeting’s Biblically based teaching cuts through “half-hearted” Christianity. “Sometimes suffering is God’s way of bringing us back to Him,” Sweeting wrote.

Sweeting brings the book to a close by citing many examples of  lives that have reflected excellence in their pursuit of Christ. I highly recommend this book. It equips readers with a better understanding of the Word of God, who God is, and His purpose for each one of us. “Having staying power is hard,” Sweeting wrote, “but it will mature us.”

(I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase your copy of “The Pursuit of Excellence,” by George Sweeting.


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