“God Confident Kids,” by Cyndie Claypool de Neve

“God Confident Kids, Helping Your Child Find True Purpose, Passion and Peace,” by Cyndie Claypool de Neve is a wonderful resource for parents and those who work in youth ministry. The current generation of youth lives in a world that the parents raising them have a hard time navigating. This book gives parents the ability to peak into the world of their children from their perspective, one that has their mental heath as a generation careening downward like no generation before them. Though the power of God’s Word and His unshakeable character, the author gives her readers solid cornerstones to help their children’s confidence take root in Christ. 

“To truly develop God-confidence,” Claypool de Neve writes, “our kids need to learn to move their eyes off the problems they face and onto the ultimate problem solver- our heavenly Father, who deeply loves them.” Our children are not only filtering through screens, images, and voices, but also their very real fear of terror attacks and school shootings that are a part of their reality like no generation before them. I, myself, needed to repeat some of the lessons and truths of God’s word in these richly filled chapters, as the world’s very real dangers are alarming to me as an adult, as well. 

Beyond the fears and distractions our children are growing up alongside is the age old challenge of comparison. Social media has further complicated what is real and what is not. “Understanding and appreciating each child’s uniqueness,” advises Claypool de Neve, “will help them learn to find their God-given purpose- and God-given confidence.”

This book is filled with tips and resources to come alongside parents of the current generation of youth. Excellently written and relatable, I highly recommend this book to parents and those working in youth ministry, as a way to be encouraged and equipped to help lead the current generations to Christ.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

Click here to purchase a copy of “God-Confident Kids.”


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