“I Declare War,” by Levi Lusko, Book Review

“You can’t live right if you don’t think right.” Levi Lusko, “I Declare War.”

We have no control over the thoughts that enter our minds daily, but we can filter them. Not every thought leads us in the right direction. Not all we hear or think about every day is true. Deciphering lies and distortion between our ears is an important life skill. It can launch us into our purpose or it can severely trip us up along way. This book meets us in that practical struggle, and provides applicable lessons to harness our thoughts.

From beginning to end, Lusko weaves personal stories into four basic lessons that are easily relatable and entertaining. The Biblical roots of the “4 Keys to Winning the Battle with Yourself,” give Lusko’s message strong legs to stand on. After reading it, I felt a little better equipped to walk boldly into my daily life than I did before. It created a renewed sense of purpose and better understanding of how hard work and Holy Spirit power work in tandem. 

The detail of the stories, especially in reference to middle school life and amazon prime, are hilarious and relatable. The book is broken up into four major sections with great take-aways, making it easy to read through quickly. Lusko’s passion for helping others tap into the power of Christ in their lives is evident, and the Scriptural teachings along the way make the inspirational tones credible and applicable. This book goes just deep enough to intrigue and inspire change, but not so much that it reads like a Bible Study or research heavy material.

I recommend this book for anyone struggling with self-confidence, doubt, anxiety, discontent, or for those simply seeking a little extra motivation to dig deep and accomplish everything God has laid out for them to do. 

“Time doesn’t change you, it just makes you more of who you are.” Levi Lusko

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“Marriage,” a Book Review

“Marriage,” Edited by Curt Hamner, John Trent, Rebekah J. Byrd, Eric L. Johnson, and Erik Thoennes.

“Personal union is the ground for all human being.” -“Marriage”

This book met me knee deep in the frustrating fights repeated in my marriage over the last decade. The educated stance and Biblical root of this book seek to give sound answers and understand instead just a feel good motivation to keep staying positive through it all. It tackles the hard topics, and digs into the foundational cause for many quarrels within and misunderstanding about marriage. I feel more equipped to walk into the next decade of my marriage after reading this book, because I understand why things go wrong and what to do in the middle of good times and bad. 

The contributors to this book were passionate about the topic of marriage, and it’s Christian foundation and institution, and every page oozes it. They wanted to get it right, give people answers to their questions, and affirm and better understand the Biblical purpose for marriage. 

I felt less like an outcast for having questions and problems and empathy and equipping that will help strengthen my marriage.

This book is research heavy and Bible study laden. It’s a good thing! The language is easy to read, and the book is well-organized. For those seeking answers, you’ll find them here! But it takes time to read through it thoroughly. This is not a book to rush through, rather savor and keep on hand for reference. 

From my perspective, I recommend this book to married couples and singles, alike. It’s a book that can be re-read as life goes on, and I believe will be applicable at any stage. 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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Happy Reading!


“Just Open the Door,” by Jen Schmidt, A Book Review

Reading this book felt like talking to a friend. I could relate to a life with two little kids under two  years old, and the opportunity to push that double jogger anywhere to get out and about …even if for free cookies at the grocery store. But larger than the everyday ins and outs of parenting and family, I could feel Schmidt’s passion for those placed purposefully around her. 

This book inspires a sense of camaraderie, knowing it’s readers everywhere are linking arms to love the people in their lives, well. It induces the feeling of being a part of something a little bit bigger than just one life and one neighborhood. 

I had the honor of meeting the author at a barnyard book launch for a different author in North Carolina, and can testify from our brief conversation that the genuine care she put into the message of this book is exactly who she is. 

For those who can barely de-pajama in time to host Monday morning Bible Study (raising my hand!), this book will encourage you. And for those hesitant to believe they have what it takes,  a neat enough life or a tidy enough home to welcome others in …this book will push you to open the door.

“Our souls ache for an invitation to be included and welcomed. We possess a hidden longing for rooted relationships that journey through life with us. We need someone to notice, acknowledge, and see us right where we are, with no hidden agenda. God has designed us to come together in community, whether large or small.” Jen Schmidt, “Just Open the Door.”

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“If …What If?” by Tony Myles and Daniel Myles, Book Review

A great devotional for families, this book is a smartly constructed conversation starter to light up any dinner table or long car drive. Many of us have questions about Christianity, and this devotional is broken up in sections to discuss some of the major subjects that parents and children find themselves talking about …or maybe should! Topics like the Trinity, heritage, the enemy, revolution, ego, identity, and more. There are eleven topical highlights in all. 

Each devotion is smartly broken down in a way that facilitates and active and lively discussion amongst families or even friends or church small groups and Bible studies.  Each week, a Weekly Recap digs a little deeper and provides further opportunities to open up and to pray together. 

This book is an encouraging tool for parents and group/study leaders. As a parent, it meets me where I am at, in need of tools to start the discussions that will help our family grow in faith. It has a unique feel of sincerity, being written by a father and son who pulled these lessons out of their everyday lives. 

I recommend this book to those looking for a way to start a habit of conversation where faith is concerned, whether within their families, friends, or groups. 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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“On Fire,” by John O’Leary, Book Review

“To live a radically inspired life, you must choose to go All In each day with a purpose greater than yourself.” -John O’Leary, “On Fire.”

This book landed in my mailbox one afternoon, not via a publishing company in exchange for a review as is typical, but by a dear friend who was so moved by it’s content. The message of this book is as powerful and inspiring as the true story of the author’s survival. Through a tragedy I cannot relate to even through my worst nightmares, John O’Leary’s life defines radical better than any dictionary.

Burned terribly as a child, this book is the story of his survival, and the lessons he learned along the way. The pages of this book pushed me to think past what I know to be possible by considering what one boy did to prove the impossible. Through the remarkable people placed purposefully in John’s life, and his sheer will to live, he far more than just survived his personal tragedy. 

I, like my friend, could not put this book down. “I changed me,” I remember her saying. After turning the last page, my walk into my daily life shifted a little more to a radical perspective. I was definitely influenced and moved by this remarkable true story. 

O’Leary’s passion, faith, and zest for life jump off of the pages. He is to be commended, not only for finding the will to survive, but turning to help others live life and find hope by sharing his story. It’s difficult to share the parts of life that have scarred us. He could have easily closed the door to painful memories. Instead, he allows us an intimate look into what it took for him to survive, and how it led to his unlocking of how to live a radical life.

I highly recommend this book, even though the details of the horrifying accident O’Leary endured are almost too hard to read, at times. This book will make it’s readers grateful for life, and ready to live …radically. 

“So often we push people away, afraid that they don’t want to see the hard stuff. But the hard stuff is what we should be doing together. It’s what joins us as humans.” John O’Leary, “On Fire.”

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