“Sick of Me,” by Whitney Capps, Book Review

Sick of Me, by Whitney Capps

“When we willingly crash through the restraints of God’s protection, we put our lives in peril. When we submit to God’s law, we show that we are a people set apart for the sake of God’s glory.” -Whitney Capps, “Sick of Me.”

I could not wait to get my hands on this book, having ready Whitney Capps’ daily devotions in the First5 App for many years now. She was already one of my favorite authors. What could be a lot of pressure for an author to live up to simply confirmed her God-given gift to minister right into the hearts of the everyday woman.

Through her honesty, and knowledge of God’s Word, Capps humbly delivers an important message put on her heart. In a society that calls us to wave our flag of individuality high and unashamed, the concept of transparency is easily confused. “Sick of Me” diligently does the job of deciphering transparency and transformation. 

This book met me in a search for what the Bible says about authenticity, and answered it boldly with the Truth of the Word. I appreciate the author’s humor and everyday struggles, but respect her obedience to pursue the Truth and deliver it to those whose hearts need the encouragement. 

The message of this book is not a popular societal anthem. It will not resonate with everyone, but for those whose this book meets head on where they are searching, it will pivot something crucial in their faith. 

I quickly devoured the content of this book in mere days. It’s well organized and beautifully written. A good mix of everyday life and Biblical Truth …cemented with the love God has for all of us. “Sick of Me,” is a challenge and a call to action. It’s stark truth stands out from many other messages of the same grain. I believe this message will equip many to live truly radical lives of faith.

“To live counter to the culture rarely feels good. These notions were radical then and now. To read and understand what Jesus asks of us is entirely different than actually doing it. But this is the radical part of radical living- doing what Jesus calls us to do, not guys thinking about it.” -Whitney Capps, “Sick of Me.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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“Breaking the Power of Negative Words,” by Mary Busha, Book Review

“Breaking the Power of Negative Words,” by Mary Busha

“In it’s purest form, supernatural is ‘something attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or laws of nature.’ It’s the supernatural transforming of our hearts and minds by God that allows us to forgive others the way He forgives us.” Mary Busha, “Breaking the Power of Negative Words.”

“Breaking the Power of Negative Words” addresses the damage we stand to do if we do not curb what comes out of our mouths. So many are suffering from words spoken to them in their formative years and beyond, with Busha brilliantly addresses and explains. With examples from her own life and many well-known people throughout history, she is able to paint a very clear picture of how words spoken by others …especially those close to us …can attach themselves to our self-image. 

Throughout the book, which is well-organized and intent on repeating the main principles in breaking the power negative words can have, the author replaces many commons lies we are tempted to absorb as truth with the actual truth God compliments us with in the Bible. Rooted in Scripture and other sound research, the author gives her readers many practical tools to take into their everyday lives. 

As a mother of two young daughters, I took all of the advice this book had to offer straight to heart and prayer over my life. Forgiving forward concerning our parents has become a motto of mine, and this book further cemented the virtue and value of forgiveness and compassion for hurt people who hurt people. 

Sometimes a bit too repetitive, the concept worked, because I remember and am able to practically apply so much of this book to my everyday life right away. The stories are easy to relate to and the advice is practical and Biblically bound.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been hurt by negative words. I urge all parents to read it, as further affirmation that what we say has a ripple effect …both good and bad.

“The problem is that the tongue is connected to the heart. Whatever is in the heart will eventually pour out of the mouth. So the words our tongues utter are a direct reflection of what’s goin on inside us.” Mary Busha, “Breaking the Power of Negative Words.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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“Priceless,” by Jen Barrick, Book Review

“Priceless,” by Jen Barrick

“When I feel afraid, I’m fearless because God is with me.” -Jen Barrick, “Priceless.”

A wonderful devotional through the Book of Psalms, Jen Barrick infuses her inspirational story and the lessons from it into this book. It’s an interactive journey and journal for teens, helping to sort through the myriad of feelings they have.

Each day of the devotional, there is a practical approach to a certain way all teens feel. Jen faithfully walks readers through each feeling, providing practical and godly solutions to learn how to embrace and guide them. 

The prayers throughout the book provide an excellent example, in themselves, of how to handle emotions and feelings. Jen’s strong faith is evident in each day she meets with her readers.

I like the quick and efficient way each day is laid out. Each message is to the point and very thoughtfully laid out, leaving readers feeling inspired and equipped. This devotional will be a very important stepping stone for many teens and the maturity of their faith. 

“When I feel betrayed …I’m giving my burdens to God.” -Jen Barrick, “Priceless.”


(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

“A Life of Lovely,” Annie F. Downs, Book Review.

“A Life of Lovely,” by Annie F. Downs

“My ability to feel the depths of something good was strengthened by my choice to feel the depths of pain.” Annie Downs, “A Life of Lovely” 

Reading this book was like talking to a friend. Annie has a beautiful way of meeting her readers where they are at, as she touches on many relevant issues in their lives. 

Throughout the pages, she teaches us how to collect and mark moments of “lovely” in our walk through life. Her faith and gift to encourage others through relatable everyday moments is charming and inspirational. 

A little older than the audience she wrote the book for, I caught myself looking back upon transitional times in my life in a new light. This will be a book I hand to my daughter when she starts to experience the joy and fear of life changing and shifting underneath her feet as she walks out into the big beautiful world. 

This book is an easy, feel-good read that will challenge it’s readers to dig into the moments they normally pass by, and into Scripture for more of God’s Truth. “A Life of Lovely” is a collection of sweet stories sharing common ground in the author’s life. Stories many will respond with a “me too, Annie.’ 

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to place their feet on firm ground, choosing to trust God and see the good. It will cause an appreciation in the talents, places, and people God has blessed every life with. 

“I think confessing to God when it seems hard or scary or painful, confessing what you want to do by what feels too challenging- it’s what helps you keep building. It’s what helps you see Him in the people you meet and in the moments when you have to let them leave.” Annie Downs, “A Life of Lovely.”

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 (I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

“I Declare War,” by Levi Lusko, Book Review

“You can’t live right if you don’t think right.” Levi Lusko, “I Declare War.”

We have no control over the thoughts that enter our minds daily, but we can filter them. Not every thought leads us in the right direction. Not all we hear or think about every day is true. Deciphering lies and distortion between our ears is an important life skill. It can launch us into our purpose or it can severely trip us up along way. This book meets us in that practical struggle, and provides applicable lessons to harness our thoughts.

From beginning to end, Lusko weaves personal stories into four basic lessons that are easily relatable and entertaining. The Biblical roots of the “4 Keys to Winning the Battle with Yourself,” give Lusko’s message strong legs to stand on. After reading it, I felt a little better equipped to walk boldly into my daily life than I did before. It created a renewed sense of purpose and better understanding of how hard work and Holy Spirit power work in tandem. 

The detail of the stories, especially in reference to middle school life and amazon prime, are hilarious and relatable. The book is broken up into four major sections with great take-aways, making it easy to read through quickly. Lusko’s passion for helping others tap into the power of Christ in their lives is evident, and the Scriptural teachings along the way make the inspirational tones credible and applicable. This book goes just deep enough to intrigue and inspire change, but not so much that it reads like a Bible Study or research heavy material.

I recommend this book for anyone struggling with self-confidence, doubt, anxiety, discontent, or for those simply seeking a little extra motivation to dig deep and accomplish everything God has laid out for them to do. 

“Time doesn’t change you, it just makes you more of who you are.” Levi Lusko

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