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“Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith,” by Dean DelSesto

This book immediately grabbled my attention. Who doesn’t want to “strengthen your relationship with God, others, and yourself” as the subtitle promises?

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“On a Summer Tide,” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

We are placed purposefully in this life, and so tells the story of a love with the power to heal. “On A Summer Tide,” by Suzanne Woods Fisher, triggers tears and laughter, as the story of widower Paul Grayson unfolds. To bring his family closer together, he moves them to an island. Out place and away from home, the average pressures of family life are intensified in all direction

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“Breathe Again,” Niki Hardy

“Breathe Again” is an inspiring look into Hardy’s victory over cancer, and the way it allowed her to grow closer to God and mature in her faith. This book takes intentional moments to meet readers where they are at in their lives, cancer or not, and grow great faith. “Choosing brave is the challenging route to a full life,” writes Hardy, “not the easier path to a less-than life.”

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