Meet Meg!

Sunny&80 started with occasional nap-time posts to remember the funny things my little kids said and did, and along the way re-ignited my passion to write. In this space I share the dearest and most tender places of my heart, so that we can journey together as a supportive community through motherhood, marriage, life, friendship, ministry, love, and the pursuit of something bigger than this world: Jesus.

The short and skinny about me …The people that know me the best call me “Megs.” I’m a #2 on the Enneagram and a Highly Sensitive Extrovert. I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, OH …go BBHHS Bees! A miler and cross country runner, I officially surrendered my life to Jesus Christ freshman year during a collegiate xc practice at Ashland University. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Public Relations.

Jim and I were married in 2007. We live in a small lake town in Northern Ohio with our two daughters, Brianne and Lauren (Lo Lo), and our crazy golden-doodle, Cherry. An author and freelance writer alongside full-time motherhood and volunteer ministry keep me blessedly busy with a life bigger than I asked for …could have imagined …and can sometimes handle! LOL

Thank you for becoming a part of my village. Write me anytime at !

Happy Reading and Glory Up.




29 Comments on “Meet Meg!

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  2. Hi Meg. My name is Alexis Wohler. I’ve been a professional Christian writer for the past five years. I have more than 50 articles published by the Union Gospel Press in the last five years. I’ve also written for The Christian Heart, and Keys For Kids and Keys For Kids Unlocked. I have always wanted to start my own blog, but I’m not sure how I would actually make money off of it. Do you have any tips as to how to start my blog and good ways to make money off of it? How did you start your blog and how long ago did you start your blog? Do you know of any Christian places that are hiring writers either full time or freelance?


  3. Hey Meg.
    Can I send you a copy of The Prayer of Agur for your review? It’s just out from Multnomah. Or I’d be glad to send you any of my 25+ books.
    Keep at it. Be well.
    Jay Payleitner


  4. Hello Mrs. Bucher,

    Would you be interested in an apprentice? Your work is inspirational and for my writing to affect people with the Words of God, Christ, like yours does would be as a dream come true. Please consider, you would be an excellent mentor for my writing. Email me and I would be happy to tell you more about myself and my endeavours. Thank you for this opportunity to express my thoughts.

    Mrs. M.


  5. My name is Dwight Bucher.I live in Payson AZ. Moved here from Whitehouse, Ohio. I love your meal time Prayers. JESUS is my lord and savior always! I don’t here to many Bucher’s out there. Small world! God bless you.Dwight


    • would like to here from another Bucher who loves the LORD. I have cousin in Whitehouse Ohio who’s name is Jim Bucher. WOW!!!! GOD bless you and your family. Dwight Bucher


  6. I was searching for ideas for our churches Christmas eve program. I was searching ideas for history of Christmas Hymns. Your post came up
    I was wondering if we could use some of your information/ideas/narrative from this to develop a Christmas Eve service for our children. I would site your slideshow as a source in our service bulletin. If you need more information, please contact me.


  7. Meg, Thank you for the article on mealtime prayers. Excellent. One little thing I noticed though: your reference to the food preparers as a place as “all God’s children.” Are they all, or only those who are adopted at salvation into His family? May God continue to bless others through your ministry.


  8. Hi, Megs! It’s nice to run across a fellow believer and mom who is also aware of her Enneagram number! I’m a 1w2wing. I can’t wait to get to know you better in the coming years!

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  9. I’m so glad I found you. Gods watching out for us 😉
    I was looking up a prayer for our vestry at church. I’m hosting a dinner at our next meeting. I did a search for a prayer for parents with children who are addicted. My precious son is 30 and it took me so long to understand what was happening. Then in Alanon I read a mother’s prayer which basically said “Do you think you love your son more than God”. I’d pray on my knees begging for him to take me and give my son sobriety. Few years later my son now is seven months sober. 😉

    Back to finding you ;). I started reading all of your article titles and I can use all of them. Thank you for sharing with everyone else in this world. Peace ☮️


  10. Hi Meg. I loved your devotion. It is an eye opener, which teaches us that the word of Gid is alive and we can apply it to our lives everyday, we can use it for the pulling down of stronghold. And the word of God is a light to us in this dark world, the word of God is a weapon, unlike any other weapon, it is not carnal it is nit of this world. I pray that i will get to meet you some day. I live in Ohio. May God bless and keep you and your family. May you grow in the Lord from glory to glory.


  11. Dear Meg,

    I just discovered your very good article on where our strength comes from.
    Your definition of strength from the Hebrew is excellent because refuge, protection, safety source is EXTERNAL, not INTERNAL, that outside source is none other than the Lord Himself. And it requires a person, not technique or methods. That does not mean we don’t obtain inner strength as the Lord does this as an end product.

    As you may know there are a host of personality assessments that emphasize finding your strength, such as DISC. I wrote a documentary on DISC, MBTI, and SHAPE. I would love to send it to you, but would just need your email so I can attache the PDF file.

    Thank you!
    Kindest regards in Christ,

    James Sundquist


  12. Hi Neg. Your spiritual posts are great! Such a blessing. How can we chat off line? I’m writing something spiritual and am seeking assistance.. Hoping you can help😉


  13. Hi Meg. A short note to let you know there’s a typo/error in your devotional today. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth,,,” is from John 14:6, not John 11:6 Thanks for your writings, Don


    • It’s a good thing when ppl have the heart, and right intentions to correct our mishaps in love. We all need someone who is willing to say, “hey, just a little feedback on xyz…” in love.


  14. Just wanted to say Ive enjoyed reading your page..its my 1st time doing this and I look forward to more of your stories.


  15. Thanks for those encouraging words especially in a day and time that we need them the most.


  16. Currently in dark place in my life,but I continue to hold of to God and his promises.
    I have being reading from your blog I thought I say thank you for all your encouraging post. They come to me when I needed it the most.
    I pray to God almighty to continue to protect and provide for you and your family.

    God bless.
    Prince Itoya


  17. I saw your post about bullying and I have to say you nailed it! I have a foundation to help others on this subject let me know if you ever need any help!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s my passion to encourage others! What is the name of your foundation?


  18. Hi Megs, I am so happy that you visited my blog and that you have decided to follow it. I look forward to connecting with you. May your soul be refreshed in your journey with the Lord. I am enjoying reading your blog. I especially like the post about “merry”. Our joy is because of Jesus. Thank you for that beautiful reminder. Sweet Blessings to you.

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    • Blessing right back to you, my friend! Thank you for reading, and for your faithfulness to write God’s word onto the hearts of all that visit your beautiful space. Happy Thursday!

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