The Last Day of February…

Ahhhh…the last day of February.

Thank.  The. Lord.

Let’s be real.  This is the time of the year when even the most avid ‘I love the change of the seasons’ peeps want to hibernate, and we all get sick.  Too tired of wearing hats, winter coats, boots, preheating the car for 15 minutes before we get in it.  It all gets a little tiresome come the last day of February, so we get lackadaisical and end up with disgusting sicknesses.  My family is no different.  Right now, yogurt is our Pepto…hey…don’t knock it ’till you try it.

Think about it.  When the sun comes out and the outside thermometer reads 3o or above, the spring coats come out.  The same forecast in January?  We’re not venturing out without the down puffy coat.  I’m constantly reminded of how premature my Spring fever is by the frozen lake at the end of my street.  Just in case I get the urge to start looking for green shoots of life popping up through the ground, Mother Erie stands there to greet me with 10 foot chunks of busted up ice chunks to remind me that it’s still February.

...still frozen...
Frozen Mother Erie

The stores don’t help either.  Do you know that if you happen to wait until February to buy a winter boots…or let’s say one of your kids outgrows their’s and there is still a foot of snow on the ground…or the bottom of one of your boot’s fell victim to the last snow/ice blizzard.  You can’t just go out and buy another pair!  You’re screwed until next year.  The flip flops are already out it’s the middle of July in the wardrobe dept.  I’ll be shoveling in my rain boots from here on out.

I’ve always ended up on the other side of this deal in the past.  Limiting myself to only the clearance sections of stores, I began to notice quite quickly that the winter boots get marked down to 80% off at the end of January…usually that’s when I guess what size my kids will wear next winter and stock up…not to be taken for that fool that actually waits for next winter to get here and pays triple the cost.  (I do the same thing with Christmas dresses…this year, I actually stumbled upon the one I paid $4 for last year after Christmas back on the regular price rack for $45 this past season. bah. ha. ha.)  Well, it seems the retail gods caught up with me this year because I didn’t get next year’s boots.  The madness of finding a toddler size 8 boot eluded me and I ended up settling for a fashionable…but unpractical for sledding…pair to pack away.

All those aisles full of flip flops do is remind me how many snowbirds are down in Florida, and how many of my friends from college now live very far south of here.  While they are surrounded by blue water and palm trees, I’m looking out my window wondering if I should call the power company before that freshly cracked limb falls on the wires.  I’m usually not this salty about where I live.  I do love the O-H-I-O…it’s just been way too long since I’ve hugged a palm tree.

Today, as I walk through the aisles of Bermuda shorts and bathing suits in Target, only to return home to the frozen tundra that is Mother Erie at the bottom of my street….I salute you, last day of February.

If it weren’t for Valentine’s Day, the level of depressive hibernation would certainly soar in this neck of the woods.  (I probably shouldn’t assume that holiday isn’t everyone’s February life-raft…)

As the Beatles wrote…”Here Comes The Sun” people.  Get out the SPF.  St. Pat’s Day is coming.

Today, we are one giant step closer to Sunny and 80…

Happy Monday 🙂

Stay encouraged!

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