“Just Open the Door,” by Jen Schmidt, A Book Review

Reading this book felt like talking to a friend. I could relate to a life with two little kids under two  years old, and the opportunity to push that double jogger anywhere to get out and about …even if for free cookies at the grocery store. But larger than the everyday ins and outs of parenting and family, I could feel Schmidt’s passion for those placed purposefully around her. 

This book inspires a sense of camaraderie, knowing it’s readers everywhere are linking arms to love the people in their lives, well. It induces the feeling of being a part of something a little bit bigger than just one life and one neighborhood. 

I had the honor of meeting the author at a barnyard book launch for a different author in North Carolina, and can testify from our brief conversation that the genuine care she put into the message of this book is exactly who she is. 

For those who can barely de-pajama in time to host Monday morning Bible Study (raising my hand!), this book will encourage you. And for those hesitant to believe they have what it takes,  a neat enough life or a tidy enough home to welcome others in …this book will push you to open the door.

“Our souls ache for an invitation to be included and welcomed. We possess a hidden longing for rooted relationships that journey through life with us. We need someone to notice, acknowledge, and see us right where we are, with no hidden agenda. God has designed us to come together in community, whether large or small.” Jen Schmidt, “Just Open the Door.”

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