“Pray Big Things,” by Julia Jeffress Sadler

“Pray Big Things,” by Julia Jeffress Sadler promises “the surprising life God has for you when you’re bold enough to ask.” Prayer is powerful. Most of us have heard that statement before, noticed it on bumper stickers and scrolled across many beautifully constructed images proclaiming the truth. Prayer IS powerful. Sadler unlocks the art of asking God for big things. Jesus sacrificed His life in order to unlock and throw open wide the opportunity to communicate with our Almighty God. And He is faithful to hear and answer His beloved. 

“God dares us to pray big things,” Sadler writes, “I dare you to pray big things!”

“Pray Big Things,” consists of ten easy-to-read chapters, packed with answers to Biblical questions about what prayer is and how it works. Scripture is referenced throughout the book, rooting it first and foremost on the truth of God’s word. In Chapter Eight, Sadler addresses unanswered prayer, “When God says ‘no,’ it provides unique opportunities for us to say yes to trusting Him like never before.” 

Prayer is a rich and deep experience with our relational God. Sadler does a great job resisting the urge to over simplify it. “God will give you everything you want,” she writes, when everything you want is Him.”

I recommend this book to all who are looking to enrich their prayer life, and relationship with God. 

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)

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