Lies Women Believe (Book Review)

One by one, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth unravels many of the lies that women believe in her updated and expanded version of her book, “Lies Women Believe.” As a middle-aged, stay-at-home mom, I feel inundated with these lies daily.

This book was a relief and a weapon to fight them all at the same time. It’s so important for women to take captive every thought, as Scripture says, and align it with God’s Truth. Otherwise, it’s easy to become entangled in a web of lies and comparisons that rob us of the joy and life that Jesus died to give us. He loves us beyond our understanding, and has a plan and a purpose for our lives better than anything we can ask for or imagine. Yet, we swim daily in a sea full of lies that attempt to snatch that full and abundant realization from us. DeMoss Wolgemuth attaches Biblical truth to each lie so seamlessly and logically, that one cannot help to be ministered to in the depths of the heart by reading through these pages.

“We feel that is our circumstances were different-our upbringing, our environment, the people around us- we would be different. We would be more patient, more loving, more content, easier to live with. If our circumstances make us what we are, then we are all victims. And that’s just what the Enemy wants us to believe. Because if we are victims, then we aren’t responsible-we can’t help the way we are. But God says we are responsible- not for the failures of others, but for our own responses and lives. The Truth is, our circumstances don’t make su what we are. They merely reveal who we are.” 

Women from all walks of life will be able to relate the arming truths of this wonderful book. I highly recommend it!

Happy Reading,


(I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.)