“Saints, Becoming More Than Christians,” by Addison Bevere.

“We were made for glory,” Addison Bevere wrote in“Saints, Becoming more than ‘Christians.’” Bevere has written a thought-provoking message, and convicting call to action. What does “we were made for glory” mean, and how do readers live their everyday lives with this goal in mind? These questions, and more, are answered in this amazing and inspired book about what it means to be a “Saint” …what it means to be a “Christian.” “There’s a crater in our being, an impression left by the breath of God,” Bevere wrote.

This book will challenge readers to redefine what Sainthood and Christianity mean to the everyday life of someone who chooses to follow Jesus. Bevere writes with wisdom, knowledge, and poetic insights, able to cut through the confusing messages steaming through our modern day media. “Tragically and ironically, the self-centered love of this world makes the self hopelessly small,” Bevere wrote. Every generation will take away incredible notes from this book. “Saints” will help readers decipher who they really are, and pull away from the false sense of self many of us naively, and sometimes even knowingly, embrace every day. 

Bevere’s honest and straightforward style of writing coupled with his poetic gift to connect sound doctrine to everyday life allows the message of “Saints” to stick. “Humility leads us into the expansive life because it keeps us from stopping at partial truths and leads us to whole truths,” Bevere wrote. Long after readers put this book down, the overarching message will remain. We live to bring glory to God. I highly recommend this book. Whether a Christian or not, it will clarify the terminology we use today when referring to faith, with solid truth and convicting witness. 

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(I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.)