10 Old-Fashioned Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Feel LIke Christmas


Making our homes feel like Christmas goes beyond decorations and gifts, and old fashioned catches up to us quick as we age! Christmas isn’t as commercial as cyber sales would have us believe. It’s personal. Christ came to earth as a babe, setting in motion a chain of events that forever affected our eternity. God came down to earth to save us. As we recall the many ways we have grown to love celebrating Christmas and think up new traditions to add, it’s important to keep the babe in the manger center-scene. When we live life within the love of Christ, Christmas comes alive in our hearts, families, and homes.

Here are some of the things that make my home feel like Christmas each year. I hope and pray they will inspire others to continue old traditions and create new ones which reflect  the true wonder of the season.

Photo Credit: © Getty Images/Rawpixel