“Glorious Weakness,” by Alia Joy

“To believe that the experiences we have are valid, that the feelings and expressions of them are true and real and worthy of being listened to, is one of the greatest mercies we offer each other.” Alia Joy, “Glorious Weakness”

Joy’s prolific wring style is poetic and honest. It’s rare to read a book written with such unique character, and Alia Joy’s bleeds off of these pages along with her pain and triumphs throughout. She has yielded her life to her readers in attempt to bring hope through the hardest parts of life. Not to glorify the hard, or pretend that the harshness of life is easy. In fact, she does an outstanding job of meeting readers in the reality of what life is. Hard, but worthy of the pursuit, when our eyes are fixed on Christ. This is not an airy read, full of motivational quips about how we’ll get through the rough patches in our realities. It’s most inspirational because it’s the raw and real pages out of the author’s life relate so much to the everyday pain many of us go through, whether or not our exact circumstances parallel hers.

“What if we lived as though we actually believe God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness?” Joy challenges her readers. The book is broken up into four sections: “Weakness,” “Hope,” “Strength,” and “Glory,” all weaving the best parts of our compassionate Father and loving Savior into the tapestry of life on earth and all its qualms …and celebratory moments. 

I was moved as a woman and inspired as a writer. I recommend this book to anyone struggling to deal with realty beyond the social media highlight reel, and brave enough to find God’s glory there …in our weakness. 

“We are not better Christians when we call the hardest parts of our lives, ‘good.’ But we can learn to call God good in the hardest parts of our lives.” Alia Joy, “Glorious Weakness.”

(I received a copy of this book in exchanged for my honest review.)

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