The Space

“Mom-can-I-be-a-milk-buyer-today?” My Kindergartener rapid-fire demanded.

“No,” I hurried, “I still haven’t put more lunch money in your account, sweetie…”

“WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY, MOM!!!” She once again informed me, with her face all scrunched up and frustrated as she reenacted her walk up to the lunch line to tell the cashier she’s a milk buyer.
imageIf only I realized, morning after hectic morning, that she was really just informing me of her intention rather than asking permission. After a semester of self-proclaimed “milk buyer” days, the bill came home in her “parent communication” folder.

I needed a serious break.

One gray Northern Ohio day after the next, my face froze as my dog’s ears flipped over in the frigid North wind off the lake. Trudging through my determination to exercise, I kept thinking about the packed suitcase waiting to be zipped up and loaded into the mini-van. My normal knack to focus on “I love the four seasons” positive thinking had faded away with the forecast for snow well into April. Robbed of a season… again. Huff.

I needed some serious sunshine …the warm kind.

In the middle of an argument about why we actually do pay for milk, it’s hard to relax. When my thoughts are literally frozen by the North wind, it’s difficult to rest in the beauty of God’s creation.

I simply get tired of trying.

 The Space gives me time to realign and rejuvenate.

1. Realignment.

If I don’t stop to be silent, I forget. The smiles behind the struggles begin to fade, and the wind rips my well-intended goal’s fortitude right out the sail.


When it’s 29 degrees and hail is falling in April, it’s hard for me to accept that I’m “right where I need to be.” When, one by one, family and friends move South, it’s hard to understand why I’m being left behind. When colleagues collect where the sun shines, it’s hard to understand why I shouldn’t move.

“Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.” Hebrews 6:7

 Somehow, sitting silent on a sunny beach allowed that verse to smack the truth right back into my soul. Separated from the strife of my schedule, I could see where my heart was misaligned with God’s Word.

“Drinks the rain often falling on it…” I’m being nourished right where I am.

“…a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed..” I’m already surrounded by people to reach.

“…receives the blessing of God.” Pick me! I want that! 

With each lap of ocean surf, His creation echoed His Word. Spiritual and deep …but so is He. imageThe rambunctious rant of my daughters laughing at their Papa was sweet peace compared to the incessant whining of the “get ready for school” grind. Created in His image, we must take space to get quiet …to learn who God is… and go deep.

2. Regeneration

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10

The NIV Study Bible notes that “Changed lives and works of love suggest that many of these persons were indeed regenerated.” (The author was speaking to a crowd undecided about who among them was truly “saved…” much like we unjustly take stock of each other now, isn’t it? #sidenote)

Regeneration reminds me of crab claws on the beach. A claw gets lopped off, and they grow a new one. What is God trying to reveal through a creature with this feature?

Google‘s definition of regeneration is “(of a living organism) Regrow. Bring into renewed existence; generate again.” 

imageEvery dead thought process doesn’t completely kill us. And all of our efforts to love are not erased by mistakes. I am living in Christ, so He will continue to lop off the dead and allow new growth.

Sometimes, I have to stop so God can move.

 When I’m scrambling for a solution and going after my goals, the last thing I think I need to do is relax. So, I don’t. I push, and strive, and work, and completely exhaust myself. I keep buying milk even though the lunch account is empty. If I neglect “the space” for too long, I find myself praying to inform God of what I’ve discerned rather that asking for His permission.


My good and faithful God sent a note home in my communication folder this Spring, packed my suitcase, sat me down on a Gulf Coast beach, and thawed out my doubt. His Son, Jesus, lopped off a few disconcerting thoughts and misaligned intentions. His Spirit spoke encouragement into my heart through the surf.

I’m ready to move now… right from here.

Happy Spaces…


23 Comments on “The Space

  1. Love this Meg…I am living in Christ, so He will continue to lop off the dead and allow new growth. This is so hard for me! As much as I know this is necessary, I tend to resist letting go of the old to make room for the new. I know it will be better, but the old is just comfortable! God is definitely working on me with this. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hi Meg!
    Love your heart and your beautiful way with words! Reading your account of the snow in April made me chuckle, as I sit here at my computer looking out my window at the snowflakes falling to the ground. Needless to say, I get you… snow in April; who would have thought? I too, struggle with slowing down, being silent and letting God move. Thank you for the reminder to do just that… I, indeed, need allow for space to rest and for God to move! Big blessings to you sister!

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  3. Being from Texas, it’s pretty warm here today, but my hormones could use a little thawing out if you know what I mean. I love this post with its rich honesty and transparency. I feel like I’m there and that you’re mirroring my life somehow. THIS: “Sometimes, I have to stop so God can move.” For me it’s not body language, for me, it’s stop talking. I need to stop talking so God can move. So can move where he needs to in my life instead of me directing traffic. Thank you for this reminder. God bless you this week, friend. I love stopping by your blog. It always lifts me right up. Thank you for linking up to Open Mic Monday for the soul. It’s always a pleasure to have you. xoxo

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    • Yes, I feel like our souls are going through some similar growth processes, right now. I can’t wait to read what you write every week! If you only knew how much I talk. You’d die laughing. Thank you so much for encouraging me along the way. It’s been amazing to watch God bring us together! Here’s to keeping each other sharp, friend! Brave for God! And take that space!
      Happy Friday!

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  4. Living in South Texas on the Gulf, I have that sunny and almost 80 today…but my spirit found itself needing a bit of thawing. I spent yesterday with a precious woman for a couple of hours and began to feel warm on the inside again. We do need rest and regeneration and not just once! It is a regular requirement.
    I have lived in Oregon and Washington, DC so know those frigid days and weeks and months. I was born in California and know the warmth and beaches too, but the light of the Lord is needed no matter where I live physically.
    Thanks, Megs, for encouraging my heart today.

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    • “The light of the Lord is needed, no matter where I live physically.” Amen. That is beautiful!!!! Happy Friday!


  5. “I have to stop so God can move.” Pretty sure this is where I am right now. I love how you weave story, Meg! Love. Happy Wednesday!! Love you! ☺️

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  6. Meg, your post just rejuvenated me! I’m up in Connecticut and boy the snow showers the past couple of days can get me down, especially because I’m a Texas girl at heart and that’s where all my family is, before I know I can throw myself a pity party and that’s why silence and God’s word is so key. Your post reminds me that I need more of that. Thanks for bringing some sunshine in my life 🙂


    • Crystal, glad He shone a little light on you through me today! Us Northerners have to stick together during this crazy Spring weather! It’s supposed to snow here tomorrow…1-3 inches. Oy! Happy Thursday!


  7. I love how rejuvenating this post is, and really love how you made Hebrews 6:7 come alive for me this morning. As a substitute teacher I love your milk story.

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    • Thank you so much! My little one argued with me for days about paying for milk. All of our friends shared an amazing laugh over that! I would love to see the faces of the teachers as she’s just waltzing up to get milk everyday. I hope she brings them as much laughter and joy to their schooldays as she does with her funny quips and quirks at home. Have an awesome day, and God bless you for teaching!
      Happy Wednesday!!!


  8. Loving and living in Christ can be so restful and rejuevenating every moment of we let go of our own agendas. Why do we strive? The good news is when we become out of alignment we reach to Him to become realigned, and lifted up, growing even higher in His ways.

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    • Happy Wednesday, sweet Lynn!
      Yes, He does realign us and we are always better off than we were before. I found much peace in ceasing my striving…just for a little bit. Now, it’s great to be back among friends! Have a great day!!!


  9. Megs, I wandered over from Holly Barrett’s (I’m #68). I am glad I did. Your paragraph about cold, dreary April in Ohio resonates with me. I learned a lot about discontentment over the recent years. We should share a cuppa!!! When the sun comes out. 😉

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    • Thank you, sweet one! We should, indeed! I’m so glad you took the time to visit. As I write it’s clouded back over again. Come on, sunshine!
      Happy Wednesday!!!


  10. Oh yes totally must keep the focus but so difficult some days to keep on the right track all day! Scripture also tells us to think on the things that are pure, just and of right report!😛🤔 Definitely will keep our focus on the forefront 🤓❤️🎈

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