The Avocado Breakfast (#jammed daily devo, day 163)

June #jammed: Under the Blanket of Grace.

Day 163: Soul Food.

“The earth produced vegetation—seed-bearing plants of all varieties and fruit-bearing trees of all sorts. And God saw that His new creation was beautiful and good.” Genesis 1:12June 12

As my good little eater sat down to eat her avocado breakfast, her much pickier sister looked at her like she had one too many eyeballs.

We can only eat avocados a certain time of the year here in the North, when they are in season enough to be shipped here. Out of season, they are out of my budget. My healthy eater picked a favorite fruit that can be hard to get.

When my parents moved to Florida, they discovered that they had an avocado tree in their front yard. In their front yard! You can image my daughter’s and excitement to visit and see this magnificent tree and all it’s avocado glory! My parents could barely keep up with the fruit that fell from the tree. They took what they could not eat and gave it away to their co-workers and neighbors.

Can you image having too many fresh avocados?

“Were going to have to cut it down,” my day said, “so the fallen fruit doesn’t’ attract rats.”

We often look around to see what other people have and where other people live. We compare jobs and kids and houses. But what we don’t realize is that what we’re wishing for might be stressing someone else out. Wishing we had what others have exposes our lack of trust in what God has provided for us.

Some people wish they had avocado trees …others cut them down to get rid of the nuisance. Different perspectives can enlighten ours.

God’s been providing food for us since the beginning of time. The Garden of Eden had everything, but Eve still had to eat from the one tree God forbade. She wanted what she couldn’t have. She was deceived and tricked.

To avoid the same tragic consequence in our life, stay in the Truth of God’s Word each day. Keep a prayerful conversation going throughout the day. Think of the Garden of Eden. Imagine what that must have looked like. And realize, that God has provided just as sufficiently for us. More than we can ever ask or image, are His good plans for us.

Father, Praise Your perfect provision. Thank You for the diversity of food and life that You surround us with everyday. Forgive us for comparing to others, and help us to appreciate the gifts that You have uniquely given each of us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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