The “How many more…?” (#jammed daily devo, day 196)

July #jammed: Grace serves.

Day 196: Hope rises.

 His is the greatest of plans and the deepest of comprehensions.” Job 12:13 (VOICE)July 15

“How many more days ….?”

They start asking as soon as we get home, and don’t stop until we’re in the car on the way back …when they then switch to …

“Are we there yet?”

Missing family that is far away never gets any easier, but we do get used to it. My kids …and my husband and I …have learned to trust God’s plan for our lives over what we want to happen. And for that, we have all become stronger …and closer …to Him.

“To God belong wisdom and power;
    counsel and understanding are his.” Job 12:13 (NIV)

There are going to be many things in this life that we are not going to understand. Through every heartache, we grow closer to Jesus. Everyday is a countdown of sorts …knowing that with every passing day we are one day closer to hugging Him in heaven. And whatever He has in store for us along the way will only add to the suspense. This early place starts to feel temporary as we grow closer to Him …and home.

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Father, Praise You for the things we don’t understand in life. Thank You for trials that strengthen us. We confess that we almost always react with resistance and emotion when life blindsides us, but ask You to strengthen our hearts and draw us closer to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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