“Recall 12” Scripture Memory Series


“Ok, spell …then…” I baited my first grader.

“T-H-E-N,” she proudly retorted, and on we drove to school through all ten spelling words, robust words, and whatever other category of words that needed to be programmed into her brain this week..

Juggling a hot cup of coffee, the steering wheel, and homework papers,  I drifted down the road to the tune of Jingle Cats and spelling words.

“Mem….or….is….”she said with a questionable tone that meant it was time for me to chime in.

“Memorize,” I corrected, “and what does ‘memorize’ mean?”

“I don’t know…” she stated flatly, but she knows more that she lets on. By the end of the week, she will have memorized a whole new bunch of words to add to her budding vocabulary. And they stick. It reminded me of what God has been speaking to me:

“Learn them.” Deuteronomy 5:1


Sigh… That’s how I felt when I gazed at those great words Moses spoke to the people of Israel about God’s laws and instructions.

I know God’s Word. I love God’s Word. But, I do not memorize God’s Word. I try. I resolve to every year. Yet here I always am, the girl who has to run and get the book she just read that in, or look up yesterday’s devotion to remember what verse that was.

The most frustrating conversations are those in which my daughters or a friend is in need of some divine encouragement, am I’m left mumbling something about “it says somewhere in one of the gospels that…” or “I can’t remember exactly where but the Bible promises this but I know God says that…”

Anyone out there relate?

Even though I’m aloof most of the time, I know that the joy of God’s Word in my heart and Jesus in my life is evident as God wills it to be. Yet, I still feel convicted to have more truth ready on the top of my tongue. After all, if it wasn’t important, God wouldn’t have written it down.

fullsizeoutput_4c3eMy proactive approach to checking this resolution off the list in 2017 is a new blog series,
#recall12. Just one verse a month, and hopefully a cumulative of twelve by the end of the year. Seems reasonable, right?

Memory Tool #1: Post it where you can see it, and when you see it, say it. Click to the left for a free printable memory tool with our first verse: “Learn them.” Deut.5:1

Join me here each month as I introduce one  new verse to memorize …images we can print and share, interesting background and history, and real-life applicable inspiration.

I know we’ll be able to do this. Are you with me? Please be with me …because I  need someone to hold me accountable!

See you on the blog!

Happy recall -ing!


Click here for free printable verse memory cards.

Catch up with the rest of #recall 12 by clicking below!

43 Comments on ““Recall 12” Scripture Memory Series

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  2. I used to memorize scripture a lot when I was a young adult–but I always had trouble remembering the chapter and verse…those were numbers. Numbers aren’t my friends. Thank goodness for Bible Gateway ;). I love your series idea, and I’ll be checking back :).

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    • Anita, I join you in thanks for Bible Gateway! I live on that site when I write! lol!! I am not a math girl …this word nerd struggles with attaching the numbers, too. Happy Wednesday!


  3. Memorize – yes it is so important especially as we study God’s Word. You daughter will grow up to thank you for all the special time you took with her. Makes me remember my own mother and her love. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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    • Thank you so much, Hazel. The biggest prayer of my momma heart is that my daughters always know how much I love them, but that God loves them infinitely more. #toHisfeet Happy Weekend!


  4. What a fun series, scripture memory is so important! I’ve accepted the fact that I know a great deal of scripture, I just don’t know references. Thankfully google knows scripture too, and when I tell google what I know, it tells me where to find it in the Bible. Thank you google.

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    • Amen, and truth! Who knew google would be such a vast source of truth? I google where to find Scriptural references all of the time! Thank you so much for swinging by! Happy Friday!😊


  5. Beautiful idea, Megs! I’m getting back to scripture memory too this year! Just decided this week!. I’ve done it in the past and gotten away from it. #LiveFree

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    • Yay! So glad to hear it! It’s a lifetime pursuit, isn’t it? I hope you find so much joy in getting back to it 😊


  6. Oh lady, I can totally relate and this is something that has just been super tough to commit to. Seems ridiculous at times, right? Especially when we read the Bible each day (read that “TRY to read the Bible each day.’) I give myself such a hard time about memorizing the Word. And to think I used to be a first grade Christian school teacher. I cannot wait to read more about your 2017 blog series. I am ALL IN in memorizing 12 verses this year. It would be 12 more than I know now!

    Thanks for your honesty and also for your gentle reminder that I need to begin taking His word and finding visual places for it so I begin to retain and recall it more easily.

    Happy Thursday from the Sincerely, Paula Linkup! So happy I found your blog!


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    • Yay! I am so super glad you are joining us! Woo hoo! Cheers for you! The memory cards are helping me so much! It’s amazing how putting a verse in a place I glance a lot really helps it to sink in! Especially by my coffee… I am SUPER focused when it comes to that morning cup! 😊

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    • Thank you so much!!!! I can’t wait for all of us to see progress in our ability to retain Scripture! We’re better together! 😊🙌🏻


  7. Meg, Love Recall12 ! I’m in ! Fun idea. 🙂 Looking forward to it. Thanks for linking up today with #ChasingCommunity! So great to connect. ((hug))

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  8. I think you have hit on something so important. Memorizing Scripture will only happen as I do so intentionally and with a plan. One a month makes it easier to achieve and will keep us all more motivated to stick it out.

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  9. I’m a really bad memorizer of Scripture, but you’re right when you need a verse most, you usually don’t have time to look it up, even if your Bible is right there. Now I have laminated scripture cards on a library ring that hangs inside my purse so I can practice my memory work while standing in line at the grocery store, or anywhere else! Thanks for these great tips! Blessings!

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    • Liz, I LOVE the key ring idea! That’s fabulous! Thank you so much for blessing me with your visit and encouragement today! Happy Thursday!


  10. As a Lutheran school girl, I was required to memorize hundreds of scriptures. They still stick with me, and I’m grateful I had to memorize them. My children are memorizing now, and I hope it hides God’s word in their hearts as it did mine. Great reminder, Meg!

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    • Sarah, what sweet memories of your childhood, and to see your kids learning what we hold so dear to our heart is just awesome!! Thank you, my friend! 😊

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  11. Ah memorizing the “addresses” of Scripture, ey? Trips me up all the time, Meg! I have a lot of God’s word hidden in my heart, but like my sock drawer, it can be quite an ordeal to find the right “pair” and pull it out for others to see. I’m excited to see what verses you choose and am encouraged to pick back up where I’ve left off on my own Scripture memorizations. Thanks for the challenge and worthy reminder!

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    • Amen! And thank you for visiting! I absolutely love the sock analogy! You said it perfectly! High-five and here we go! Thanks for coming along-side on this journey! Happy Wednesday!!!


  12. This is awesome. I am so glad you are memorizing God’s word. I am doing the same this year. I am part of Beth Moore’s SSMT-siesta scripture memorization team. This is the first time and we do two verses a month. It is freeing to learn God’s word in a new way. Best of luck to you.

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    • Mary that’s wonderful! I have seen SSMT on social media but didn’t know what it stood for. I will have to check that out! Thank you for visiting and coming alongside me with encouragement! 😊


  13. You’re so right, “If it wasn’t important God wouldn’t have written it down”. Memorizing His word is great, and my memory is terrible. My kids could memorize so easily, though! Thanks for sharing your post this week at Together on Tuesdays 🙂

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    • So glad to join the special group that gathers at Together in Tuesday’s! And thank you for taking the time to visit! I think my memory will always be terrible, but perhaps that is one sweet way God wires me to stay close to Him.


  14. Meg I used to get so down on myself about memorizing His Word too. Like you said- I love it, spend time in it, learn it, share it, talk about it, think about it, pray through it, but get frustrated with not being able to recall it all the time. I’m so cheering you on in this and will try to stop by each month : ) Last year I started memorizing by writing a simple verse on a slip of paper. The paper goes into my pocket with my cell phone. If my phone comes out, I pull out the verse and speak it. Sometimes it’s the same verse for days before I move on. I keep them in a jar and come back to them, recycling them to keep my memory fresh. So anyway- maybe that helps you? Exercising my brain by memorizing His Word now has me in a challenge to remember all of Proverbs 3 this January- halfway there!! So precious and helpful to have His Word in our hearts and minds!!

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    • All of Proverbs 3! You go girl! Cheering you on! Please let me know how you are doing along the way! Your tip about writing verses down is so helpful. I created those printable cards with the same kind of intention in mind. But, do you know what? I have yet to print them out myself! I’m off to do that right now! Happy Tuesday, friend!!!


    • You’re so welcome! Thank you for joining me! I need the accountability. It takes such intentionality to memorize Scripture, but I feel it’s so important to bury God’s Word in our hearts. Happy Tuesday!

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  15. Oh, man – I’m right there with you. Every year, I try to memorize scripture, but it’s so very hard for our older brains. Thanks for this reminder to keep trying – and for the fellowship along the way. Great post 🙂

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  16. This is SO great. I have been floating around the idea of digging into memorizing Scripture and you are right, I just need to do it! I’m going to start today! Thank you for the encouragement 🙂

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    • Nicole! That is awesome! I am so glad you’re doing this with me! I need accountability, that’s for sure. Let me know how you’re doing along the way! Happy Tuesday!



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