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“The Power of Christian Contentment,” Andrew M. Davis

This book walked right into the dusty corners of my life and swept out an amazing amount of discontentment.

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The Auto-Correct 

“I DIDN’T SAY THAT!!!!” One sister yelled. “YESSSSSSS YOUUUUUUU DIIIIIIIID-AAAAAAAA,” the other retorted. “WELL THEN YOU HEARD ME WRRRRROOOONNNGGGG-AAAAAA,” she snapped back. “Ugh,” I sighed, listening…

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The Over-Answerer

Solutions are revealed through noise, and hidden in the slow silence of subtlety. “Lo, you can’t cheer in flats.” I harped. “UUUGGGHHHH!!!!” She exasperated as she…

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The Book of Happy Faces

To combat the darkness ever permeate in the atmosphere, I choose to unearth the joy of Jesus by following the happy faces.  Facebook…Twitter-verse…Instagram…Pinterest…my news feeds looks…

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The Weird One

“Mom,” my seven-year-old began, “someone called me weird.” The most precious pieces of my daughter’s heart fly gumptiously out of her mouth during our four weekly…

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The Mirrors

The battle of reflection is won in Jesus. My daughters are obsessed with the bathroom mirror, especially when the clock is racing at opposite ends of…

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The Reindeer.

Evil will riddle anxious sorrow unless smacked with deep, healing love. My daughters woke up one Saturday morning ending my journal time and proudly proclaiming a…

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The Lines

I cut the lawn the other day. Not a huge event, I realize.  With both of my kids in school all day for the first time,…

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