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How to Teach Your Kids to Discipline Themselves

Preparing our hearts daily with the truth of God’s Word enables us to breathe through our kids’ meltdowns and apply the discipline they need to grow into God’s calling on their lives.

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The Auto-Correct 

“I DIDN’T SAY THAT!!!!” One sister yelled. “YESSSSSSS YOUUUUUUU DIIIIIIIID-AAAAAAAA,” the other retorted. “WELL THEN YOU HEARD ME WRRRRROOOONNNGGGG-AAAAAA,” she snapped back. “Ugh,” I sighed, listening…

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The Book of Happy Faces

To combat the darkness ever permeate in the atmosphere, I choose to unearth the joy of Jesus by following the happy faces.  Facebook…Twitter-verse…Instagram…Pinterest…my news feeds looks…

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All women are born with a natural appreciation for shoes.  Whether they be a coveted pair of running shoes, flip flops, “grown-up night” high boots, a…

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