What Does “God Is Within Her She Will Not Fail” Mean?

“God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.” – Psalm 46:5

The difficult circumstances we deal with on the daily can tempt us to give in to self-pity. But every generation, from ancient times to the current, has faced adversity. God has not changed, and isn’t surprised by the current pandemic, nor any other modern-day drama we wake to face. Scripture provides the wisdom we need to navigate hard times. In Christ, we are more than conquerors, today and always.

Is “God Is Within Her She Will Not Fall” Biblical?

Psalm 45 accredits God as our source of strength. Break of day refers to an attack. In our own strength, we will not experience a full victory. Our Father is sovereign. When the world and our lives spin out of control, He does not. Our faith is not based on what we can do or accomplish on this earth, nor are our lives measured by the stuff we accumulate. We will not fall, or fail,when obediently following the will of God. “This psalm encourages to hope and trust in God; in his power and his providence, and his gracious presence with his church in the worst of times,” Matthew Henry wrote, “We may apply it to spiritual enemies, and the encouragement we have that, through Christ, we shall be conquerors over them.”

We still have to wrestle with sin on this earth, but through it all our God makes good of all things, even painful consequences and convictions. “You repent when you agree with God that your sin is wicked and flee to the only one who can do helpless sinners any good,” Pastor David Sunday explains. Our Savior Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The unchanging character of the One True, Triune, God is the rock-solid foundation of our faith, and our lives. It is He, in us, that will not fail.


10 Beautiful Ways God Tells You How Much You Matter to Him

Our hearts know their Maker, and our souls are filled by the power of His personal presence and compassionate touch on our lives. He knows us, and there are many ways, every day, He makes it known to us. May our eyes be open, and our hearts softened, to feel His embrace in our daily lives.


5 Ways God Has Qualified You to Make a Difference

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

We are born into this world to make a difference. Every life matters. Each is specifically purposed and designed by the Creator of the Universe. Look around at the care He has laced into every detailed flower, butterfly, species of tree and grand forest. The great bodies of water and their beauty on the surface, and the plethora of life that teems underneath. He has named each star in the sky. We have not even discovered all of the beauty He made to bless our lives with! We are a part of that beauty, His most precious creation! Scripture reminds us God cares for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, and begs us to imagine how much more He cares for us! The purpose of our lives is to bring glory and honor to our Father in Heaven.


5 Prayers for Discovering Hidden Strength

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

Paul knew, when writing the above verse to the Philippians, his strength wasn’t merely a blessing over his own agenda. The strength Paul unearthed in his own life came from his relationship with Christ. He knew the closer he pulled into His Savior, the more he would be able to endure. We sometimes mistake strength with the ability to push through to the things we want to accomplish and achieve. But when our lives are aligned with God’s plan and purpose for them, we experience the supernatural strength of the Spirit to endure the promised hardship alongside mountain-top moments. The fruits of the Spirit are not developed by our sheer will, rather fostered and uncovered in our souls as we learn more about who God is, and who we are in Christ.

Here are 5 prayers to pray for discovering the strength God’s spirit has placed in you. Pray them with confidence, faith, and trust that He who can move mountains can move powerfully in you too.


50 Songs to Experience God’s Presence in a Pandemic

Created in the image of God, we were made to worship Him. Our daily lives, country, and world is changing daily. Music can help us remember our unchanging God in the midst of this pandemic. Lately, one day seems like a week, and this last week has been long. In an instant, we have been reminded of the fragile state of humanity. Life is fleeting, and we have little control over our destiny, or the number of our days.

God can meet us in our fears through music, sustaining us through songs that proclaim who He is and worship that repeats the truth of His word. If we cling to those anthems and melodies in these times of great trial, we can find words to express our fears and allow our tears to fall at the healing feet of our Father, who is sovereign over all.